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Grand Master Dionisio "Diony" Cañete

canete.jpgDionisio belongs to the second generation of the famous Martial Art advocates, the Cañete
brothers of Cebu City, Philippines. He is the youngest son of GM Eulogio (Ylong) Cañete, the
principal organizer of Doce Pares, who headed the organization since its founding in 1932
until his death in June 1988.

Dionisio began his lessons in the Filipino Art in 1946 at the age of eight from his father and brother Iluminado, the eldest of the five children (4 sons and a daughter) of Eulogio and Irenea Aventurado.

He studied under GM Felimon "Momoy" Cañete and later with GM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete, both brother of his father. He also trained with GM Vicenter Carin and Maximo Cañete.

In 1950, during the Golden age of Boxing in Cebu, he was attracted to the sport and for five years regularly sparred and trained with several good amateur and professional boxers at that time.

In 1957, together with his brothers, Diony was introduced to Kodokan Judo.

In 1960, immediately upon his election as one of the officers of Doce Pares, rules on the acceptance of students and membership were liberalized. They started to promote and develop Arnis to a wholesome spectator's sporting event. 

In 1975, He initiated the formation of the Cebu Eskrima (Arnis) Association. All major Arnis clubs in Cebu banded together for the first time. In succeeding to organize and band together all the top Arnisadors, Diony, in effect, sort of "Civilized" the fighting-oriented Masters and curbed them to learn to co-exist for the sake of the
Filipino Art.


Grand Master Danny Guba 

Grand Master Danny Guba 10th Degree Black Belt 

European President & U.K.Director of Doce Pares Original Multi Style 

President / Chief Instructor - World Kali Eskrima Arnis Organization 
British Filipino Martial Arts Federation - B.F.M.A.F.
Grand Master Danny Guba is the highest authority for Doce Pares in UK and Europe.

GM Danny's instructors:
Magdalino Nolasco, Ceriaco “Cacoy” Cañete, Filimon “Momoy” Cañete, Vicente “Inting” Carin, Bonifacio Dacalos “Loloy” Uy, Dionisio Aventorado “Diony” Cañete
Training Partner: Master Percival “Val” Pableo

There has been a confusion between the terms "Doce Pares" and "Danny Guba Doce Pares". Both are the "Original Multi Style System". Danny Guba Doce Pares is simply Doce Pares by Grandmaster Danny Guba. In other words, it is Doce Pares: GM Danny Guba style. It is one and the same.

As shown above, Grandmaster Danny Guba has trained with various Doce Pares Grandmasters specializing in the different styles of Eskrima (hence, the term "Multi Style". He began training with them at the age of 12 and has been practising the art ever since. GM Danny also used to be a competitive fighter, wherein he has tested his skills and knowledge of Eskrima. He is one of the Doce Pares group's most respected as he is one of the most skillful and knowledgeable Doce Pares eskrimadors of these times.

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